Sambangan Secret Garden Village

Sambangan village is located in district of Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali. It is 85 Km away from the capital city Denpasar. It can be accessed for 3 hours through Denpasar-Singaraja track. Sambangan village is also near by The Lovina beach, it takes only 15 minutes driving to get there. Moreover, Sambangan village is surrounded by huge mountains and forest. It has big potential of nature, clean water and fresh air. It such a beautiful scenery of rice terrace and waterfalls. Those make Sambangan village attracts visitors to come and spend holiday. Sambangan village has a variety of topography covering the lowlands located in the north and the plateau in the south. It also directly adjacent to Desa Wana Giri and forest area. The temperature in Sambangan village ranged 25-33®C. However, Sambangan village is very humid and green. These are several potentials in Sambangan village :

1. There are seven waterfalls, even more yet can’t be accessed.

2. Trekking and water sport activities.

3. Traditional irrigation system managed Subak.

4. Easy accessibility.

5. Friendly and opportunist society.

6. Accommodations such as villas, restaurants and recreation park are available.

All the tourism matters in Sambangan village is managed by the local organization named Pok.Darwis. Pok.Darwis is a group of people who regulate the conservation of nature, the arrangement area and handling trekking activities. Sambangan village has been known as Sambangan Secret Garden. It is named to describe Sambangan village is such a beautiful place and green area which still away from modern life. Sambangan village will give enjoyment towards the visitors by its magnificent.