Aling Canyon

Aling Canyon|Hidden Gorgeous

Duration : Full day (10 hours)

Category : Adventure Canyon

Located : Sambangan  North Bali.

Level : 0 0 0

Physical : Fit

Age : 12 until 60 years old

Discription :

The most beatifull Canyoning trip in Bali as you will see a natural beauty that words and pictures can not do justice. It will feel like a forgotten world. It’s a canyon with plenty of water, lots of swimming, steep volcanic walls all along the way. The famous “Bat Cave” section, where hundreds of these creatures fly high above your head. It’s Amazing!!

Aling Canyon features lots of jumps, wonderful rappels as well as massive natural pools of clean water, all of which are in a wild and unique environment. Hidden Gorges is a sporty descent, a mix between exploration, adventure and fun trip. Canyoneers from around the world come to Bali just to experience this place. Escape the crowds and discover one of the most unique places in Bali. Practicable only a few months of the year (depending on water level), which starts in June and finishes at the end of November.

Detail :

Possible to Jump : 7x (3-15 m)

Possible to Slide : 2x (6-12 m)

Abseiling : 7x (5-35m)

Zip Line : 1x (15 m)

Swimming : 13x (10-40m)

Min. Participants : 1 person

Max. Participants : 6 person

Instructor &

 Assistant ACI Pro: 2 Person

Short Trainne : 30 minute

Trekking Start : 10 minute

Descent Canyon : 4-5 hours 

Trekking Finish : 20 minute