Rindu Canyon

Rindu Canyon|Most Wanted Canyon

Duration : Full day (10 hours)

Category : Adventure Canyon

Located : Sambangan  North Bali.

Level : 0 0 0

Physical : Fit

Age : 12 until 60 years old

Discription :

Rindu Canyon is specialiy for who those`really to explore the river and pure nature. This canyoning trek is the complete!  Rindu Canyon combines the jungle trekking, abseiling, and swimming with  hights of different waterfalls. In the middle of hidden Bali jungle. Rindu Canyon is a marvel of Balinese nature! The magical landscape and incredible atmosphere of this descent is amazing!!

Rindu Canyon is a good choice for bold and active beginners and experienced canyoners.You must have a healthy physique, this journey will take up a full day and will only be open during June until November.

Detail :

Possible to Jump : 5 X (3-7 m)

Possible to Slide : 5 X (4-6 m)

Abseiling : 7 X (7-25m)

Swimming : 15 X (7-20m)

Min. Participants : 1 person

Max. Participants : 6 person

Instructor &

Assistant ACI Pro : 2 Person

Short Trainee : 30 minute

Trekking Start : 60 minute

Descent Canyon : 4-5 hours 

Trekking Finish : 20 minute



We Provide

Free return transfer from your accommodation

Light breakfast & Lunch at our basecamp

Meal & Mineral Water

Full Canyoning Equitment

(Wetsuits, Harness, Helmet, Shoes, Sock, and Life jacket)

Clean Towel


Free Photo

Vidio available on demand

(extra fee applicable)


You Bring

Bathing suit

(For wear under wetsuit)

Extra clothes

(Change of clothes for after the trip)

Waterproof  Camera (optional)

SD Card/USB for save your free photos

(Also available for purchase on site)

Cash, Payment voucher, *Credit Card 

*(3% transaction fee applicable)

Each participant is required to provide :

Age, Height (cm), Weight (kg) and, Shoes Size

Big Passion for Adventure !!!